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Suspect Seasonal Allergies? Visit an ENT

I never had allergies as a child, but when I was in my mid 20s, I thought I developed seasonal allergies. I felt like I had a severely stuffed up nose one fall that OTC allergies medications only helped a little. However, when the stuffed up nose persisted all winter, I realized I may have a bigger problem and visited an ENT. It turned out that I had been getting repeated sinus infections and never knew it! Thankfully, a round of antibiotics cleared it up and I wish I had sought treatment long ago. I have since become fascinated by disorders affecting the Ears, Nose, and Throat, so I decided to start a blog all about what I have learned about them. I plan to post many tips about sinus health. However, remember never to self-diagnose and visit an ENT when you develop new sinus problems!




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Suspect Seasonal Allergies? Visit an ENT


2 Early Clues That Can Tell You If Your Child Has A Hearing Problem

If your child is still very young, it can be difficult to tell if they have issues with their senses. Unfortunately, many parents do not find out that their child is hard of hearing until they are much older. However, some early clues can tell you if your child has a hearing problem. Here are a few things to look for. Your Child Doesn't Respond to Sounds Normally If your child has a hearing problem, you might notice a few abnormalities in how they respond to sound.