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Suspect Seasonal Allergies? Visit an ENT

I never had allergies as a child, but when I was in my mid 20s, I thought I developed seasonal allergies. I felt like I had a severely stuffed up nose one fall that OTC allergies medications only helped a little. However, when the stuffed up nose persisted all winter, I realized I may have a bigger problem and visited an ENT. It turned out that I had been getting repeated sinus infections and never knew it! Thankfully, a round of antibiotics cleared it up and I wish I had sought treatment long ago. I have since become fascinated by disorders affecting the Ears, Nose, and Throat, so I decided to start a blog all about what I have learned about them. I plan to post many tips about sinus health. However, remember never to self-diagnose and visit an ENT when you develop new sinus problems!




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Suspect Seasonal Allergies? Visit an ENT

Tips For Managing Your Allergies

by Jeremiah Shelton

Suffering from a serious allergy problem can be extremely disruptive and unpleasant. While it is fairly common for individuals to suffer from serious allergy problems, it can be easy for individuals to be unaware of the steps that they should be taking to combat this health problem.

Have Yourself Tested For Allergies

Having an awareness of the types of allergies that you have is one of the most important pieces of information that you can have about this problem. However, many allergy patients will make the mistake of simply assuming that they will know the substances that can cause them to experience an allergy reaction. Yet, this is not always the case, and it can be common for individuals to make incorrect assumptions about the causes of the allergy issues that they are experiencing. To address this issue, it is possible to undergo comprehensive allergy testing. These tests will involve you being exposed to small samples of the most common allergens, and your body's reaction to this exposure will be used to determine whether you are allergic to that particular material.

Be Aware Of The Warning Signs That You Are Having An Allergy Reaction

Sadly, there are many people that may have difficulties with identifying the major symptoms of an allergic reaction. This is particularly important information for those that suffer from particularly serious allergies as it could be possible for an individual to experience a potentially life-threatening reaction. Typically, the major symptoms of an allergic reaction will be excessive itching, difficulty breathing, sneezing, coughing, welts on the skin and watery eyes. If you are starting to experience these symptoms, you should attempt to separate yourself from the material that is causing the reaction as soon as possible.

Take Steps To Reduce The Allergens In Your Home

Your home is the location that you are likely to spend the most time. However, individuals will often take few steps to prevent their homes from accumulating large amounts of allergens. Luckily, there are some fairly simple steps that you can take that will greatly reduce the number of allergens that are accumulating in your house. Installing allergen removing air filters can help to prevent your air conditioning or heating system from spreading these substances throughout the house. Another option you can take is to place air purifiers in each room as these devices will actively remove allergens from the air in the room. If your windows are older, you may find that replacing the weatherstripping on them can effectively reduce your allergy problems as this will seal gaps in the window frame that could let allergens enter the house.

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